Strategic Partnership with Trading Technologies

D i r e c t A c c e s s i n t o C h i n e s e F u t u r e s M a r k e t

Benefits of the Partnership between CNF & TT

Strategic partnership with TT to offer direct access into China via a single Platform CNF provide multiple level live data via TT Order send directly to Exchange via TT/CNF infrastructure Fully connected to TT infrastructure Receive trade conformation from Exchange via TT/CNF platform All TT Functionality available via TT Front-end OMS Trader using TT front-end OMS trade China product the same way as any other major markets Trading model integrated with TT for simulation, trade generation and risk monitoring Multiple market arbitrage order via TT auto-spreader BENEFITS OF The Partnership Between

VIEW of TT Platform

1. Hardware recommendations:

Core i7 processor
7700 Series or newer
Dedicated GPU (graphics card) rather than an on-board GPU
2. System software requirements:

Microsoft Windows 64-bit operating system running Windows 7 Professional or later.
Microsoft .NET 3.5 or later
Contact us if you want to try to trade on simulation environment via TT OMS.